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Sakirah Rodaun - Animation Test

I started a turntable render of this character and really regret not having it in real time. 22 minutes per frame for 360 frames total means I am going to be listening to my computer hum for 5 days. At the 90 frame mark I created a gif animation for a quick preview of what the final video will look like. I'm 1/4 the way there.

Sakirah was sculpted from the Genesis 8 wireframe in Zbush so that the character would retain the Daz setup, making life easier on me. I polypainted in Zbrush and applied the sculpt as a morph to the original mesh. (She's about 92% scale to standard Gen8F)
Hair is a mix of fibermesh and geometry shells inspired by various hairstyles I found on the market.

Some of the leather bracelets, sunglasses, and the two necklaces are not mine. I would eventually like to replace them with my own assets when I have time. I am still experimenting with her outfit in Marvelous Designer.

90 Frames GIF

90 Frames GIF